Measurement of noise under vibration

Squeak and rattle tests

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Measurements of rattling noise in a semi-anechoic chamber (NR≤20) on a low-noise shaker

In addition to the results from service life tests, acoustic measurements of noise under vibration are playing an increasingly important role.

As vehicles become quieter and quieter, the undesirable squeak and rattle noise come to the fore. Within the scope of silent shaker tests we can provoke these noises and make them visible with our acoustic camera.

For this squeak and rattle measurement, car manufacturers have developed different norms and standards. AKUVIB has the possibility to perform accredited acoustic tests according to these regulations in its semi-anechoic chamber (NR≤20) on a silent shaker.

Due to the size of the measurement room, measurements of components over 2m are possible. Thus, in our semi-anechoic chamber, vibroacoustic noise measurements are possible according to the excitation to below 30 dB(A), with the room having a quiet noise level

In addition to the standard shaker excitations (sine and noise), measurement data recorded online on a chassis dynamometer or on a test track can be reproduced directly on the shaker as part of squeak & rattle tests. Reproducible variant tests can therefore be performed quickly and easily without vehicle modifications.

  • Sinusoidal or broadband excitation of the test specimen
  • Tests with tracking signals
  • Shaker excitation up to 3kN
  • Low noise shaker operation
  • Acoustic measurement during vibration test
  • Visualisation by means of acoustic camera
  • Intensity and sound pressure measurements
  • Psychoacoustic evaluations
  • Background noise during the test below 30dB(A)
  • Quiet level of the semi-anechoic chamber below 20dB(A)

Furthermore, we offer seminars on the subject of squeak & rattle.
Details on dates and content of the training courses can be found here: [Training courses and seminars]({{ relLangURL “/trainingcoursesandseminars” }} “Training courses and seminars”)

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