Acoustics measurements on your products

Determining the sound radiation of machines and equipment

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We can advise you on measures to reduce noise and isolate vibrations

In today’s world, a low-noise machine or a euphonious product is an important quality feature.

As an accredited test laboratory, AKUVIB determines sound emission and vibration emission in accordance with current standards and regulations. We carry out psychoacoustic analyses and evaluate the results on the basis of sound parameters.

For example, we can carry out sound power measurements on site, at the manufacturer’s premises or in our test laboratories (NRlow-noise design. In cooperation with our Calculation Team, statements can also be made about vibration patterns and the acoustics of a modified design.

AKUVIB investigates the causes of noise generation and structure-borne sound radiation. With the help of vibroacoustic tools, the transmission paths are analysed nalysiert and the level-dominating frequency components are identified.

We recommend measures to reduce sound and reduce vibrations and thus support low-noise construction.

  • Measurement of sound power
  • Sound intensity measurements
  • Analysis of partial sound sources
  • Determination of structure-borne sound radiation
  • Vibration analysis by means of laser vibrometry
  • Preparation of acoustic specifications
  • Development of primary and secondary noise reduction measures