Accelerated ageing by means of HALT

Quality assurance under extreme temperature and vibration loads

Carrying out HALT tests to check the durability of your products

The reliability of products can be significantly increased by means of the accelerated service life test HALT/HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen), while at the same time reducing development time and costs.

The HALT/HASS test has become increasingly important, especially for tests accompanying development in the field of automotive electronics. The HALT tests can be used to quickly check new requirements, e.g. for charging electronics for electric vehicles, already during the development phase.

Although, or precisely because, the stresses of the HALT test are not comparable with the real requirements, HALT tests on prototypes reveal the weak points after just a few hours, which can be equated with failures that only occur after years in use.

In this way, costly recall actions can be avoided.

AKUVIB can draw on many years of experience in carrying out HALT tests and naturally also supports our customers in the development of test procedures.

We also offer seminars on the subject of HALT testing.
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