Specialist body for vibration measurement

Performance of vibration measurements according to DIN 4150

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Measurement of vibrations and assessment of the effects on people and buildings

Vibrations from pile-driving, blasting and compaction work can cause damage to structures and operational disruptions to sensitive equipment (computers, X-ray equipment, measuring devices, etc.). Vibration emissions caused by modes of transport and industrial operations also influence the siting of production facilities.

AKUVIB can ude vibration measurements to monitor and assess vibration inputs in construction, e.g. during shoring and compaction work, as well as vibration effects on people, buildings and technical equipment.

AKUVIB measures vibrations according to DIN 4150 and prepares vibration forecasts for technical installations. Within the scope of construction supervision, we carry out long-term monitoring and permanently monitor the vibrations so that we can take immediate action if the limit values are exceeded.

Based on our many years of experience, we can support you in meeting legal requirements and develop suitable vibration protection measures according to vibration technology and economic aspects. AKUVIB is a notified measuring body in accordance with §29b of the Federal Immission Control Act for the measurement of vibrations.

  • 12-channel data acquisition simultaneously in x-, y-, and Z-direction
  • Short- and long-term monitoring
  • Assessment of the impact on people and buildings
  • Building dynamics
  • Measurement of low-frequency vibrations
  • Vibration protection according to DIN 4150