Measurements of the influence of flicker and harmonics

Determination of line-borne system perturbations

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AKUVIB offers you a measuring station with 67KW for the measurement of flicker and harmonic currents

The system allows immunity and electromagnetic interference tests on AC and DC supply connections up to 1100V with a connected load up to 67kVA

Due to the increasing use of power electronics such as frequency converters, inverters, speed controllers, etc., the evaluation of the effects on both the supply network and other consumers is becoming more and more important.

With the test system, AKUVIB is able to measure the influence by flicker or harmonics on the supply network and evaluate it with reference to the applicable limit values.

Likewise, such disturbances can be specifically generated in the supply network in order to test the effects on the function of your products.

AKUVIB can test the effects of voltage dips, voltage and frequency fluctuations according to various industrial, automotive and railway standards. Likewise, various voltage profiles with variation of amplitude and/or frequency can be generated.

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