Noise reduction through anti-noise

Consulting and development of active noise and vibration reduction

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Measurement and design for active noise and vibration reduction is part of our portfolio

As an innovative company, AKUVIB AKUVIB also offers competent advice in the field of active noise reduction and vibration reduction (anti-noise).

Our employees have been working in this specialist field of acoustics for over 15 years and are always up to date.

Especially due to the avoidance of structure-borne noise and the possibility of a significant level reduction of low-frequency noises, anti-noise is an interesting alternative to classical silencers.

In addition to the metrological recording of noise, we can provide you with direct support in the selection and design of active components. We independently assist you in the selection of a noise reduction measure and assess whether active noise reduction is an option for you.
Based on sound measurements and calculations, we select a suitable product and accompany your project from the feasibility study to project completion.

In addition to the use of active components on air inlets and outlets, we can also advise you on the use of “Cabin Quieting” systems.

  • Reduction of weight and volume of silencers
  • Adaptive adjustment to noise / engine speed
  • Noise reduction by up to 30 dB
  • Temperature resistant up to 700°C
  • Reduction of back pressure