Carrying out FEM calculations

Calculation of component properties and vibration modes by means of FEM

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As a specialist for simulation and calculation, we carry out service life and strength calculations as well as damage analysis by means of FEM

If you do not have your own simulation department or if you would like to outsource particularly large and complex CAE projects for capacity reasons, we will support you as an engineering office specialised in simulation throughout the entire process chain or by taking over individual tasks. We are also happy to advise you on developing and establishing your own simulation processes.

Nowadays, the design and function of a wide variety of components is developed on the computer. So, it is only a logical consequence to simulate the physical properties, strength and service life already in the design stage with the help of the Finite Element Method (FEM).

The FEM calculations can be used to derive design measures that can be used to avoid unwanted vibration, inherent shape or disturbing sound radiation in advance.

AKUVIB carries out the FEM calculation of statics and dynamics for you. We examine the resulting stresses and deformations and thus provide you with information about the properties of your component.

  • Selection of suitable materials for your requirements
  • Carrying out non-linear FEM calculations
  • Strength calculation
  • Calculation of dynamic loads
  • Damage analysis
  • Calculations of stresses and deformations
  • Lifetime considerations
  • Calculation of material fatigue