Urban land use planning and noise protection

Calculation of noise quotas and accompanying emission and immission measurements

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Support in immission control for compliance with development plans

In the context of municipal noise protection, AKUVIB prepares noise assessments and carries out noise immission measurements.

In urban planning, the close proximity of commercial facilities to residential areas or sports and leisure facilities often leads to conflicts. AKUVIB pursues the goal of avoiding such conflicts in advance within the framework of urban land use planning in accordance with the noise pritection guidelines and DIN 18005.

AKUVIB calculates the sound propagation paths and determines the exposure of neighbouring residents within the framework of noise maps. In this way, we can specify concrete noise reduction measures when limit values are exceeded and integrate them into the calculation models.

In addition to calculation and measurement, AKUVIB also supports you in the selection of suitable manufacturers for soind insulation and can verify their specifications, e.g. within the scope of final inspections.

By creating noise grid maps, changes in building development or road layout can be easily visualised without the need for new measurements.

  • Preparation of sound measurement reports
  • Use of Soundplan
  • Calculation of noise immission
  • Presentation of the results in coloured noise maps
  • Verification of compliance with immission guide values for e.g. residential buildings
  • Determination of rating levels
  • Calculation of immission plans
  • Elaboration of noise protection measures