Localisation of sound sources and noises

Localisation of disturbing noises and leakages

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AKUVIB offers you sound localisation and the localisation of disturbing noises by means of an acoustic camera

Using an acoustic camera, sound sources are localised and the result is displayed as a coloured “acoustic” photo or video. With these findings, AKUVIB can detect damage and faults, recommend noise reduction measures and optimise products in terms of sound design.

Building acoustics/building technology

AKUVIB expands sound measurement reports and emission measurements with images from an acoustic camera and thus makes leakage at windows, doors and other locations visible.

These images can also be used to determine sound transmission from adjacent rooms. This helps to select suitable construction measures to isolate dominant transmission paths.

Product acoustics

The observation of a product with an acoustic camera shows sound sources and their transmission paths.

AKUVIB supports the identification of noise reduction and vibration reduction for a low-noise construction.

Machine acoustics

Using videos from an acoustic camera, noise hotspots are identified in individual processing steps and the change in sound radiation in complex processing steps is made visible.

Environmental noise

AKUVIB identifies emission sources from industrial plants and on company premises. This enables the implementation of effective measures to comply with legal limits.