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The testing of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for vehicle components installed in automobiles is legally required for safety-critical products. Especially in hybrid or electric vehicles, specified EMC limits must not be exceeded.

Due to the evolution of vehicle technology in recent years, the requirements for components have also increased. While in the past, components were mainly supplied with 12/24 V, within electromobility, high-voltage levels of up to several hundred volts have been introduced.

With the shift in propulsion concepts, new sources of interference arise, and more and more radio systems are being integrated into vehicles. Within driver assistance systems up to future autonomous driving, the proper functioning must be ensured.

EMC tests identify potential disturbances or unsafe operating conditions caused by electromagnetic influences in advance.

AKUVIB, in its EMC laboratory recognized by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) as a Technical Service, offers all relevant EMC tests in the Automotive and electromobility sector, supporting you in the approval of your components.

Testing of Vehicle Components According to Standards such as ISO 7637 and ISO 11452

Excerpts from Relevant Standards

  • Testing procedures according to UNECE-R10
  • Immunity procedures according to the ISO 11452-X series
  • Pulse testing according to the ISO 7637-X series
  • CISPR 25 measurement of radiated and conducted emissions
  • ISO 10605 testing for immunity to electrostatic discharge
  • ISO 16750-2 Electrical tests
  • LV 123 Electrical requirements high voltage
  • LV 124 Electrical requirements
  • GS 95002-X and GS95003-2, requirements from BMW
  • CS 2009 and FMC 1278, requirements from Ford
  • GMW 3097 and GMW 3172, requirements from General Motors
  • MBN 10284-X, requirement from Mercedes-Benz
  • B21 7110, requirements from Peugeot - Citroen
  • 36-00-808, requirements from Renault
  • TL 81000 and VW 80000, requirements from Volkswagen AG
  • VOLVO Car Requirements

Your specific standard not listed?

You can get an overview of our accredited tests in the area of Accreditation with the corresponding lists of standards.
Due to our flexible accreditation, we can conduct accredited tests according to customer requirements and in accordance with standards.

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