Salt spray testing and corrosion testing

Carrying out air-conditioned salt spray tests and condensation tests

By means of salt spray tests we can carry out a more stringent corrosion test on metals and alloys

The salt spray test is used to test your product for corrosion resistance to an aggressive atmosphere. Salt spray has a special, negative influence on the corrosion behaviour of materials.

Such corrosion tests generally only run if a conductive electrolyte is present. Water already has sufficient conductivity. This increases significantly when contaminants such as pollutants or salt are also present.

In salt spray tests, corrosion is accelerated. Corrosion resistance is an important safety and quality feature and can be tested in the salt spray chamber.

The corrosion process is accelerated in these tests by the additional influence of temperature. This gives you the opportunity to quickly uncover weak points in your systems and components.

Salt fog tests are particularly useful when the products are exposed to a special environmental load. In the automotive sector in particular, this test is now part of the standard test scope.