Carrying out hand-arm measurement

Assessment of human vibrations

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Hand-arm measurement to determine the vibration induction into the human body for risk assessment according to the Noise and Vibration Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance (LärmVibrationsArbSchV)

Measurements of hand-arm vibration are carried out to determine the exposure of the human body to vibration.

According to the EC Machinery Directive, manufacturers must provide information on noise and vibration emission analogous to the performance data of the machine in all publications. Corresponding to the sound level limits, there are also limits for human vibrations that must be complied with.

AKUVIB can perform the A-weighted emission sound pressure level at the workplace and the vibrations on the upper limbs (hand-arm) and on the whole body (seat) simultaneously.

  • Determination of the vibration input to the body
  • Verification of the limit values to be complied with
  • Weighted hand-arm vibrations / vibrations according to DIN EN ISO 5349-2
  • Weighted seat vibrations according to DIN 45671-2 and DIN EN 14253
  • Whole-body vibrations according to DIN 45671-2 and DIN EN 14253
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