Force control of shakers

Force-controlled regulation of the shaker

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For better detection of slow material fatigue, AKUVIB can force-control its shakers

In order to make statements about the durability of a product, it is often necessary to apply a defined force to the test specimen. The static pre-load as well as the dynamic stress play an important role. By means of a special control of the shaker, we are able to carry out force-controlled tests.

Both the static preload and the dynamic force application can be adjusted independently of each other. This makes it possible to perform tests on the shaker that would otherwise require servo hydraulics. The advantage lies in the higher frequencies that can be run here, which significantly shortens testing times.

  • Static and dynamic loading of the test specimen
  • Shaker control via the applied force
  • Control possible up to the high-frequency range
  • Shorter test times compared to servo hydraulics