Vehicle acoustics - NVH for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Measurements of the acoustic behaviour in the vehicle and on components

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On our own test benches or while driving, we determine the relevant disturbance or operating noises

A wide variety of noises occur in vehicles due to temperature fluctuations and vibrations . Components cause a wide variety of disturbing noises during operation or actuation.

The electrification of the powertrain is changing vehicle acoustics . Lowering of the drive noise changes the noises in the passenger compartment. Noise and background noise, previously masked by the combustion engine, now comes to the fore.

Using artificial head or sound level measurements as well as structure-borne sound analyses on components, we can identify disturbing noises in our semi-anechoic chamber (NR

Analyses from psychoacoustics (loudness, sharpness, roughness) provide significant support in the search for the causes. AKUVIB has many years of experience in the field of psychoacoustics and supports you in selecting the right analyses.

In cooperation with the fields of vibration engineering and environmental simulation, it is possible to make predictions about the acoustic properties in the event of changes in the boundary conditions and to verify these metrologically.

  • Laser vibrometry
  • Sound transmission
  • Artificial head measurements
  • Acoustic camera
  • Structure-borne and airborne sound analysis
  • Squeak and rattle tests
  • Measurements in semi-anechoic chamber (NR
  • Psychoacoustics and reproduction in the sound design room
  • Adaptive filter technique for simulating transfer paths
  • Conducting feasibility studies and formulating specifications
  • Support of development teams in case of special acoustic tasks or capacity bottlenecks