Stick-slip measurement

Tribology test bench for the determination of static and sliding friction

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AKUVIB offers metrological support in the selection of acoustically suitable material pairings

The stick-slip phenomenon describes the jerky sliding of two parts moving against each other. This unintentional phenomenon often triggers groaning and creaking noises that are unpleasantly noticeable, especially in the vehicle interior.

Especially at low temperatures and after a certain age, the stick-slip phenomenon occurs and causes unpleasant disturbing noise. IAs a result of vehicle movements, secondary noises occur in places where components are in contact with each other over a wide area and where the material pairing is unfavourable. These noises can be described as rattling, cracking, groaning and creaking.

These disturbing noises are often used as an indicator of poor construction quality.

AKUVIB uses its tribology test bench to investigate static and sliding friction, the effectiveness of lubricants and the scratch resistance of surfaces. The stick-slip measurements can be investigated at room temperature as well as at different temperature influences.

  • Semi-anechoic chamber 7m x 10m, accuracy class 1, NR ≤ 20
  • Reverberation chamber 5m x 3m
  • Acoustic measurements on complete vehicles
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