Vibration calculation and structural analysis

Eigenmode-free design of vibration-loaded components

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Execution of vibration calculations and analysis of structural dynamics

In high-frequency vibration tests on the shaker, the freedom of eigenmodes of fixtures plays a special role.

It is important that the fixture does not have any resonances with associated inadmissible excesses in the frequency range to be investigated. This is the only way to ensure that a test specimen is also tested in accordance with the standard.

However, vibrations also occur in daily use. The mounting of a component must be designed for this. Depending on their speed, rotating machines require a low-vibration substructure or appropriate vibration dampers.

AKUVIB takes over the design and vibration calculation of mountings and components, we give advice for a low-vibration design and carry out service life calculations based on material parameters.

Our service:

  • Analysis of structural dynamics
  • Design of vibration dampers
  • Calculation of natural frequencies, shapes and overshoots in the relevant frequency range
  • Validation by measurement