Durability test by means of stone impact

Examination of the durability of coatings by means of stone chip test

The resistance of coatings to stone impact is tested by firing at defined sharp-edged impact objects

The stone impact test is a standardised test procedure for the stone impact resistance of coatings and is required by vehicle manufacturers in a wide variety of standards.

The test specimen with the coating is bombarded by many small sharp-edged impact bodies in rapid succession.
The impact material is fired at the coating with compressed air at a defined angle.
Afterwards, the stone impact resistance is assessed.

The damage depends largely on the working pressure, the mass of the impact material and the impact time.
AKUVIB examines the coating under the microscope and documents the destruction.

  • Adjustable impact distance
  • Impact angle 90° (PSA) and adjustable for VDA
  • Adjustable impact speed