Visualisation of fast vibration processes

High-speed imaging, stroboscopic images and laser vibrometer

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With suitable image acquisition AKUVIB is able to visualise fast vibration processes and to localise weak points

An important criterion for passing the tests is not only the changed mechanical properties of the test specimens but also their electrical behaviour. Contact interruptions or resistance increase during the tests, for example, are an important evaluation criterion.

We can record and evaluate all relevant parameters. Furthermore, we offer our customers network access to their measuring equipment from outside via our in-house network. In addition, film recordings can be made under synchronised stroboscopic light or vibration velocities can be recorded without contact using a laser vibrometer.

  • µs monitoring
  • Trend recording
  • Dry circuit resistance measurement
  • Measuring system with up to 120 channels
  • Laser vibrometer
  • Temperature scanner