Rapid prototyping for mounts and test fixtures

Fixture construction especially for acoustic tests

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AKUVIB is able to build particularly suitable test fixtures for acoustic investigations using 3D printers and special processes

Especially for squeak and rattle tests on low-noise shakers, it is necessary that the fixtures of the test specimens are particularly quiet. This is achieved by optimising the light yet rigid construction of the fixtures.

Conventional fixtures from the field of vibration and durability testing are usually less suitable. AKUVIB has developed a process using 3D printing and special materials in order to be able to offer customers more suitable test specimen holders.

Through the cooperation of the acoustics and calculation departments, AKUVIB can offer its customers the design and manufacture of a test specimen fixture optimised for noise measurements.

While conventional, large fixtures for test specimens often cause unwanted noise during squeak and rattle tests, AKUVIB can reduce the test weight by means of adapted fixtures and thus reduce this disturbing noise.

As a result, our customers receive measurements that exactly represent the noise of the test specimen under vibration and do not experience an increase in level due to the clamping.

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