Sound design for products

Psychoacoustic analyses on components and vehicles

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We offer you the possibility to objectively assess the acoustic quality of a product by means of a psychoacoustic analysis

The optimisation of the sound impression is in the foreground of the acoustic investigations in psychoacoustics . It is not just a matter of reducing the volume, but of reaching a certain acoustic target.

The assessment of subjectively perceived loudness, sharpness and roughness as well as other perceived sound properties is the focus of such examinations.

AKUVIB carries out these measurements and assessments and advises you on the choice of materials for your products. In our sound design room it is possible to play the acoustic changes directly to you via a special loudspeaker system.

Furthermore, we offer you an evaluation of the optimisation of construction steps with regard to acoustics. Using special software, we are able to make the effects on the acoustics audible to you even before the design changes are made.

  • Binaural measurement
  • Playback in the sound design room
  • Performance of artificial head measurements
  • Adaptive filter technique for simulating transfer paths
  • Direct comparison of the sound impression during playback