Chemical resistance testing

Chemical testing of products for resistance to chemicals and aggressive liquids

In our chemical laboratory, we test your products for resistance to chemicals, cleaning liquids and operating and lubricating agents

Numerous components come into contact with partially aggressive liquids such as fuels and lubricants or cleaning agents due to their use. Tests for chemical resistance give information about the durability of materials and surfaces against the effects of chemicals.

Tests for chemical resistance give information about the extent to which aggressive media damage the test item or its surface and whether, for example, changes can occur in seals that impair the function of the test item.

AKUVIB checks the durability of the surfaces in its chemical laboratory and documents any changes that occur.

Temperature fluctuations are simulated by additional storage in temperature or climate chambers.

  • Different operating materials and synthetic body fluids
  • Storage at room temperature or in climatic chambers
  • Verification and documentation of the change
  • Functional or leak test of the test item after the
  • resistance test
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