Carrying out mechanical shock tests

Shock tests are used to test the durability of your products under heavy loads

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Mechanical shock testing gives you important information about the structural stability of your products

Mechanical shock tests are intended to simulate vibrations and loads that occur later during transport or when the test specimen is in use. The excitation profile of such tests is described by the pulse shape, its amplitude and exposure time in the time domain. AKUVIB can perform these tests simultaneously under temperature or with climate change

Mechanical shocks can be carried out on all shaker units at AKUVIB. Often, a resonance search is performed before the actual shock test in order to identify the critical frequencies.

AKUVIB performs mechanical shock tests and vibration tests according to national and international standards, according to customer-specific standards or based on measured load profiles.
Corresponding load profiles and overshoots can be measured and calculated by AKUVIB itself

**Scope of application:**DIN

Shock test: DIN EN 60068-2-27;
DIN EN 60068-2-31;
Mil-STD 810
and other manufacturer standards

Pulse duration: 0.5 to 40 ms

Shock type: Half sine, sawtooth, trapezoid etc.
Calculation of the shock response spectrum

Technical data:

  • Deflection up to 4 inches
  • Sliding table size 1.2 m x1.2 m
  • Guided head expanders
  • 24 measuring channels for control and monitoring