Design and construction of jigs and fixtures

Construction and fixture construction of clamping fixtures and holders for shaker tests

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In order to guarantee the required durability and freedom of eigenmodes of vibration-loaded components, AKUVIB carries out extensive FEM calculations prior to the design phase

The design and planning of industrial plants and the associated steel construction are just as much a part of the remit of our calculation department as the design of clamping fixtures for vibration tests.

For high-frequency vibration tests, the clamping fixture plays a special role. It is important that the fixture does not have any resonances with associated inadmissible excesses in the frequency range to be investigated.

Steel foundations and machine foundations must be designed in such a way that the formation of operational vibration forms as well as the propagation of eigenmodes are prevented as far as possible.

However, vibrations also occur in daily use. The mounting of a component must be designed to be free of eigenmodes in order to prevent resonances.

AKUVIB takes over the design of a low-vibration construction, takes engine speeds into account and dynamically calculates the behaviour of the support structure. In addition to the calculation, a validation of the design can also be carried out on the shakers.

  • Structural steelwork
  • Design and calculation of fixtures or supports
  • Calculation of natural frequencies, eigenmodes and superelevations in the relevant frequency range
  • Fabrication of the fixture
  • Validation by measurement