Carrying out service life calculations

Proof of strength and calculation of service life using FEM

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In addition to the service life calculations, we can also verify the data obtained by means of tests on our test benches

The physical properties can already be simulated during the development phase. This allows conclusions to be drawn about durability and possible weak points. The service life calculation can be used to derive design measures that can be used to avoid unwanted vibration, eigenmode or disturbing sound radiation in advance.

AKUVIB carries out the service life calculations for you. We examine the resulting stresses and deformations and thus provide you with information about the durability of your component.

  • Selection of suitable materials for your requirements
  • Carrying out non-linear FEM calculations
  • Strength calculation
  • Calculation of dynamic loads
  • Damage analysis
  • Calculations of stresses and deformations
  • Lifetime considerations
  • Calculation of material fatigue