Your test laboratory for environmental simulation

As an accredited laboratory for environmental simulation, we deliver reliable and reproducible test results

AKUVIB offers a state-of-the-art test laboratory, our test equipment is constantly being expanded

Our environmental laboratory examines the effects of different climatic conditions on your products. How do the service life and functions of materials, systems and components change under different environmental conditions?

In our accredited laboratory for environmental simulation, we offer environmental tests that help you to ensure and optimise the quality of your products. We simulate the effects on the test specimen with realistic environmental tests and assess their impact.

AKUVIB supports you in the planning and execution of your environmental testing and informs you about the test status during the ongoing tests. Due to the extensive testing facilities, you can commission AKUVIB with complete product validation.

Furthermore, we offer seminars on the subject of environmental simulation.
Details on dates and content of the training courses can be found here: [Training courses and seminars]({{ relLangURL “/trainingcoursesandseminars” }} “Training courses and seminars”)