Sound power measurement

Determination of sound radiation via sound power

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AKUVIB determines the sound emission according to the Machinery Directive for the verification of low-noise machines

A quiet machine is a sign of quality. Sound power measurement can be used to determine whether sound insulation is necessary and to identify the radiation characteristics of the product.

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/ EC requires that the airborne sound emission of the machine at the workplace be specified. If the sound pressure level of 80 dB(A) is exceeded, the sound power must be specified.

The sound power also plays an important role in the selection of the installation site, for example in a factory building. Measures of secondary sound insulation can be adequately planned or, at best, are not necessary.

Sound power measurements are carried out to check the radiated sound emission . Either sound pressure measurements are carried out at discrete points and the sound power is determined via the area measure. If the measurement conditions on site are poor, the sound power can also be determined by means of intensity measurement . This measurement can also be carried out in the presence of background noise.

AKUVIB determines the sound power measurements in its own semi-anechoic chamber

  • Source localisation
  • Intensity measurement
  • Verification of manufacturer’s specifications
  • Measurement of components in installed condition
  • Measurement of sound power in semi-anechoic chambers or on site