Noise surveys for approval procedures

Preparation of noise surveys and prognosis calculations

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AKUVIB prepares noise forecasts for you, for example for commercial licences and business expansions

For the expansion of existing facilities, conversion measures or new buildings, sound predictions provide information on the expected soind immissions. Noise prediction calculations are often prepared within the scope of approval procedures.

AKUVIB calculates and visualises the sound development both at the workplace and in the neighbourhood from measured levels or from manufacturers’ specifications and uses this information to prepare noise surveys.

These surveys can be part of your permit application and fulfil the requirements of the authorities.
In addition, we can also specify concrete noise reduction measures and integrate them into the calculation models if limit values are exceeded.

In addition to calculation and measurement, AKUVIB also supports you in the selection of suitable manufacturers for soind insulation and can verify their specifications, e.g. within the scope of final inspections.

By creating noise grid maps, changes can be easily visualised without the need for new measurements.

  • Preparation of noise prognoses according to TA-Lärm
  • Calculation of raster noise maps
  • Verification of compliance with immission guide values for e.g. residential buildings
  • Measurement of emission and immission levels
  • Determination of rating levels
  • Advice on the design of suitable noise protection measure