Carrying out bridge cable measurements

AKUVIB uses the resonance method for the inspection of suspension cables

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By measuring the natural frequency of the suspension cables, the holding forces can be determined

On cable-stayed bridges, the bridge cables are pre-tensioned with a certain force. The individual cable force can be determined by transient measurement after completion of a bridge or during cable replacement. A check of the normal force of the suspension cables is thus possible with the approved limit values.

AKUVIB carries out the metrological determination of the natural frequency on bridge cables for you. Based on the measured values, the normal force present in the rope is calculated, documented and, if necessary, compared with the specifications.

The natural frequency is determined by recording the frequency spectra of the swing-out process after manual excitation of the cables. In addition, AKUVIB offers investigations with strain gauges (DMS). In this process, static and dynamic forces can be recorded directly.

The parameters:

  • High frequency resolution
  • Determination of cable forces
  • Combination of strain gauge measurement and acoustic emission