Intensity analysis for sound localisation

Measurement of sound intensity to determine sound power

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For sound localisation under difficult conditions, intensity measurement supports our engineers

Intensity analyses are mainly used where conventional sound pressure measurements do not provide reliable results due to environmental conditions.

The intensity measurements make it possible to locate sound sources directly and to determine the main emitters . The acoustic hot spots identified in this way can then be eliminated by design.

As part of the intensity analyses, AKUVIB can visualise the measurement results in the form of a false-colour representation and highlight the acoustic weak points. In combination with a structure-borne sound analysis, AKUVIB determines transfer paths and can provide advice in the area of design.

In this way, weak points can be eliminated in a targeted manner without changing the overall construction or adding unnecessary weight.

  • Online acquisition of time data
  • Elimination of interfering environmental influences
  • Measurement of the entire system
  • Intensity analyses in the third-octave and narrow-band spectrum
  • Evaluation of directional information with our own software
  • Combination with vibration-based structure-borne sound analyses