Implementation of sound emission and immission measurement

Advice on the design of noise protection measures

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AKUVIB supports you in the selection of sound absorbers and calculates the resulting noise reduction

A perfect, individual acoustic solution requires professional planning of effective sound insulation. We work out the right solutions in conjunction with our clients

Noise protection covers a wide range of regulations. AKUVIB assesses the noise situation according to the applicable standards and regulations and recommends suitable noise protection measures, for example:

    • Commercial noise and neighbourhood noise according to TA Lärm (Technical Instructions on Noise)
    • Road noise according to RLS-19
    • Rail noise according to Schall03 (Guideline for the calculation of sound immissions from railways)
    • Noise from sports facilities according to 18 BImSchV (Federal Immission Control Ordinance)
    • Low-frequency noise according to DIN 45680

    Within the scope of noise protection projects, we determine the acoustic emission and immission values. We carry out noise prediction calculations with Soundplan. Using a cadastral noise map, the actual situation is analysed and suitable noise protection measures are developed.

    AKUVIB is an approved expert body according to §28 BImSchG (Federal Immission Control Act) and, within the scope of this activity, prepares noise protection reports and carries out officially recognised acceptance measurements after implementation. Within the framework of your approval procedures, AKUVIB supports you in fulfilling the official requirements and in the realisation of your project.

    Our services:

    • Sound emission and immission measurement
    • Preparation of noise surveys
    • Sound prognosis calculations with Soundplan
    • Preparation of noise register maps
    • Officially approved acceptance measurements
    • Calculation of various noise reduction options
    • Advice on the selection of suitable manufacturers
    • Verification of implementation