Measurement of structure-borne sound radiation

Vibroacoustic measurement of sound radiation caused by vibrations

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We can optimise your products acoustically by avoiding structure-borne sound

Structure-borne sound itself is not audible. However, it is usually perceived as disturbing when it is converted into airborne sound by excited surfaces and then radiated.

Since structure-borne sound propagates with only very low losses, one must try to disturb the propagation by e.g. impedance jumps or ground points. The correct design of the components or their positioning plays a decisive role.

By combining acoustics and vibration engineering, AKUVIB offers the possibility of precisely localising and eliminating the cause of the noise. For example, the vibration analysis of suspensions, dampers and transmission paths or the analysis of standing waves is particularly important.

Vibroacoustic measurements can be used to visualise the sound propagation and the associated vibration pattern on the radiating surfaces.

This enables AKUVIB to provide the client with precise advice on the design of suitable damping measures.

  • Standing wave determination
  • Analyses of transfer paths
  • Vibration measurement with laser
  • Visualisation of vibration shapes
  • Determination of sound radiation and modal vibration pattern