Experimental modal analysis

Modal analysis of eigenmodes and operating vibrations

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Determination of resonance frequencies, damping and the corresponding vibration modes

With the help of modal analysis, we offer you the possibility of optimising your components in terms of vibration technology. The modal analysis determines the natural frequencies, damping and natural modes of a system.

The natural frequencies and damping can be used to draw conclusions about the resonance behaviour of the structure. The natural modes should show how the system will resonate or which parts of the system will build up to large amplitudes during operation.

In addition to the modal analysis, AKUVIB also offers the possibility to carry out operational vibration shape analyses or resonance determination on the shaker. In this case, the vibration responses of the test specimen are determined at any point during excitation by a sinusoidal or noise profile. The resonance determination or further vibration tests can also be carried out with simultaneous superimposition of temperature or climate profiles.

  • Excitation by different impulses
  • Continuous excitation by shaker
  • Simultaneous measurement with 24 measuring channels
  • Graphical evaluation and animation of the vibration shapes