Acoustics tests on parts and components

Determination of sound level and sound power

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We measure the sound radiation of components in a semi-anechoic chamber or on site

When using various components, the question of sound radiation and volume often arises. Especially when used in quiet environments, even the slightest noise can be perceived as annoying.

In our semi-anechoic chamber (NRsound level measurements and sound power measurements can be carried out on test objects with dimensions of up to 5m x 5m.

The specification of the sound power level is part of the Machinery Directive 98/37/EG and 2000/14/EG and must therefore be determined for each machine. With our mobile measurement technology, we are able to determine the sound level of even larger machines directly on site.

  • Sound power determination
  • Intensity analyses
  • Sound level measurement
  • Semi-anechoic chamber
  • Reverberation chamber
  • Sound measurements “on site”