Compression and extraction tests under the influence of temperature

Tensile tests and pressure tests

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The tensile test method can be used to determine the material characteristics by stretching the material. We can also determine the extraction forces on connectors in this way

Tensile and compression tests are suitable for obtaining comprehensive information about the tensile strength and load capacity of materials and connectors.

In addition, the Zwick tensile compression machine at AKUVIB can be used to determine extraction forces on cables and connectors and to investigate reversible or non-reversible deformations by means of force-displacement analyses.

Mechanical tests (tension, compression, torsion, shear and deflection) are carried out in various forms at AKUVIB. A wide variety of cycles can be programmed using freely programmable travel-time sequences.

We manufacture the corresponding fixtures for the test specimen in our workshop.

Due to the special feature of the temperature control of the test chamber, the material behaviour can be determined at extreme minus and plus degrees. Such parameter determinations are particularly important for the mathematical calculations of service life.

  • Adjustable static and dynamic load
  • Freely programmable force curve
  • Combination with temperature chamber