Calculation of dynamic loads

Analysis of deformations under dynamic loads

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Execution of static and dynamic calculations for structural analysis and as proof of stability

Calculation of the dynamic stress of foundations or supporting structures often plays just as important a role in building dynamics as the design of the structural analysis.

In the machine dynamics, there are harmonic excitations due to imbalances. Besides the static load, these dynamic variables represent an additional load.

Furthermore, there are verifications of stability in the case of earquake loads or analyses in the case of the harmonics of the rotational speed and the bending-critical deformations of shafts.

AKUVIB carries out the calculation and dynamic design of supporting structures, steel foundations and concrete foundations. The mode analysis plays an important role. In the dynamic analysis, the consideration of eigenmodes and natural frequencies with regard to the machine speed and its harmonics is one of the fundamental tasks.

AKUVIB has special know-how and many years of experience in dynamic structure analysis. In addition to the actual calculation, it is possible to verify the results by measurements in our accredited test laboratory for vibration technology.

Our service includes:

  • Dynamic analyses
  • Static calculations
  • Earthquake calculations
  • Creation of calculation models
  • Calculation of running smoothness according to VDI 2056
  • Consideration of international rules and regulations
  • Vibration analyses on the basis of DIN 4024
  • Analysis of stress and deformation behaviour
  • Technical and economic consideration of offers
  • Serviceability verification and operational stability verification
  • Consideration of boundary conditions (incident, earthquake, wind loads)
  • Preparation of documentation incl. workshop and wedge plans with parts lists