Design of machine foundations

Design of steel foundations and supporting structures for rotating machinery

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By designing steel foundations in the rotational speed range of machines without using any special shapes, we are able to ensure smooth running of your machines

Modern production and working machines are becoming more and more powerful: Round-the-clock production, large dynamic ranges, high speeds and powerful machines place ever-increasing demands on load-bearing structures and foundations.

Foundations must absorb vibrations , avoid resonances and ensure smooth running.
AKUVIB knows exactly which requirements your foundations must meet and works out possible foundation design variants. In addition to planning and engineering, we also advise you on the design and tuning of vibration dampers.

We offer engineering from a single source: Specification, design, static and dynamic calculation, dimensioning and execution.

Our services at a glance:

  • Planning and engineering
  • Creation of a 2D or 3D calculation model
  • Dynamic investigations as an elastic supporting structure
  • Analysis of stress and deformation behaviour
  • Incident and earthquake analyses
  • Verifications for serviceability and operational stability
  • Calculation of resonance points on the basis of a multi-mass vibration system
  • Verification of dynamic stiffness
  • Calculation of running smoothness according to VDI 2056
  • Preparation of workshop drawings and wedge position plans
  • Vibration analyses on the basis of DIN 4024
  • Calculation of running smoothness according to VDI 2056
  • Design of vibration dampers and absorbers
  • Static calculations according to DIN 18800
  • Static calculations of lifting devices for the transport of machine foundations