Measurement of flow noise

Wind tunnel and flow investigations

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We offer the performance of aeroacoustic investigations and measurements of flow noise

AKUVIB measures flow noise and localises its origin. Using flow probes, the acoustic signals can be separated from the superimposednoise. The interaction between flow, structure and sound is investigated during such measurements.

We advise you on the design of silencers and active components, determine the sound power of fans and determinesound propagation curves.

As part of our customer service, we check warranty agreements and support our clients in the acoustic design of their components.

For measurements in the wind tunnel or in the vehicle, the localisation of flow noise plays an important role. Leaks can be located with intensity scans .

As part of our activities in the field of aeroacoustics, AKUVIB also designs anti-noise systems for use in wind tunnels.

We develop manufacturer-independent noise reduction measures and carry out construction-accompanying consulting as a neutral measuring point.

  • Measurement of noise emission
  • Measurement of free field radii
  • Sound power measurements
  • Intensity analyses
  • Aeroacoustic inflow measurements
  • Testing of room acoustic elements,
  • Design of silencers and absorbing linings