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Carrying out vibration tests and vibration measurements

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Product testing on shaker test benches with semi-sinusoidal shocks, among other things

Every product has a typical life cycle that begins with manufacture, continues with transport to the place of use and, if necessary, includes storage. Only then does the intended use begin.

In each of these stages, different vibrations and oscillations affect the parts and components.

We can help you to ensure that your products meet the respective requirements by performing vibration / oscillation and shock tests on our shakers.

  • 5 shakers electrodynamic up to 90 kN and 1.2m*1.2m sliding table
  • 4 vibro climate chambers 2100 l up to 18 K rate of change
  • Guided head expander for large test specimens
  • Vibration with climate change testing
  • Modal analyses
  • Run-out measurements
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Squeak and rattle shaker in a semi-anechoic chamber
  • Mechanical shocks
  • Mobile vibration tests

Furthermore, we offer seminars on the subject of vibration technology.
Details on dates and content of the training courses can be found here: Training courses and seminars