Shaker vibration testing

Durability tests of components under vibration load

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Carrying out vibration tests and durability tests on our vibration test benches

In today’s world, the demands on quality and reliability are becoming more and more stringent.

AKUVIB offers you the possibility to meet these requirements by vibration tests on our shakers.

Basically, all types of vibration tests can be carried out with our electrodynamic vibration test systems. All our shakers are equipped with sliding tables - this allows testing in installation position for all three spatial directions. In addition, a guided lifting expander is available for heavy or large test specimens, through which the test specimen is safely guided while it is on the ahaker.

The properties of many components and assemblies are strongly dependent on the ambient temperature. Therefore, combined vibration and climate testing is mandatory in the aerospace, automotive and military industries. Our test centre offers you the possibility to test your products during a vibration test with simultaneous climate testing.

Test equipment:
  • 6 shakers with a max. force vector of 90 KN
  • Usable frequency ranges from 3 Hz to 3000 Hz
  • Deflection up to 4 inches
  • Sliding table size 1.2 m x1.2 m
  • Guided head expanders
  • Excitation sine up to 140 gn (peak)
  • Excitation noise up to 75 gn (RMS)
  • 24 measuring channels for control and monitoring