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Examinations by means of destructive and non-destructive material testing

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With the help of non-destructive testing, AKUVIB is able to detect hidden defects in materials, components and constructions before and during operation at an early stage

In almost all branches of industry NDT has become an indispensable instrument for quality control and quality assurance. With the help of the different methods, for example, the proper production can be monitored already during a manufacturing process or a simple output control can be carried out.

Acoustic emission testing enables the detection of rust or delamination defects in composite materials. In the case of tank bottoms, the use of the acoustic emission (AE) method eliminates the need for time-consuming cleaning of the bottom.

Pull-out tests and compression tests on our Zwick allow the dynamic behaviour of fasteners and components to be investigated. In addition, the tests provide information about the fatigue strength of materials.

Our possibilities:
  • Acoustic emission
  • Resonance method
  • Pull-out tests Force testing system
  • Bridge cable measurements
  • Localisation of crack and rust growth during operation
  • Examination of tank bottoms
  • Online monitoring for permanent surveillance
  • Detection of faulty spots, material defects or deviations in the structure
  • Detection of leakages at valves
  • 30-channel measuring system for large plants
  • Mobile measuring equipment