Your accredited ENC laboratory

AKUVIB is an independent EMC testing laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility.

Please contact us at:
Phone 0234 / 587 - 6000

Using the latest measurement technology, we can carry out EMC testing for a wide range of industries

AKUVIB offers you testing of electromagnetic compatibility in combination with tests from environmental simulation and vibration technology at one location, from one source.
The combination of our different areas in one test laboratory brings numerous advantages for our customers.

In our accredited laboratory for EMC we offer EMC measurements according to international standards (DIN, IEC, ISO, EN, CISPR), which help you to ensure and optimise the quality of your products.

Our EMC department can support you already during the development of products. AKUVIB offers you customised advice and selection of EMC test methods. In our measurements, we not only determine the interference that occurs, but also develop suitable interference suppression measures with you at the same time.

AKUVIB supports you in the planning and execution of your EMC tests and informs you about the test status during the ongoing tests.
You can also be present during the tests directly on site. In our visitors’ room attached to the EMC laboratory, you can comfortably supervise your tests and always have a look at your components.

Due to the extensive testing facilities, you can commission AKUVIB with complete product validation.

Our facilities and testing equipment for EMC at a glance:

Our measuring stations:

  • 1x anechoic hall SAC (8.3 x 5.2 x 4.80) m (L x W x H) with
    • door size 2.35m x 2.5m
    • 3m measuring section (industry)
    • 1m measuring section with table (automotive)
    • 2m turntable loadable with 2t
  • 2 x anechoic halls CISPR 25, LV 50
  • 2 shielding cabins

Test station for electrical tests, automotive
Climatic chambers from environmental simulation can be used
Compressed air is available

Performance data in the field of electromagnetic interference

  • Emission measurements up to 6GHz according to all common standards
  • Test stations for automotive (e.g. ISO 16750-2) and industry (1- and 3-phase)
  • Maximum connected load 3 x 32 A

Performance data in the field of immunity

electrostatic discharge (ESD)e.g.EN 61000-4-2 / ISO 10605 up to 30 kV
HF irradiatione.g.EN 61000-4-3max. 20 V/m / ISO 11452-2 max. 600V/m
fast transients (BURST)e.g.EN 61000-4-4 up to 3 x 63A
surge voltages (SURGE)e.g.EN 61000-4-5 up to 3 x 63A
induced HF voltagese.g.EN 61000-4-6 voltage up to 10 V
Bulk Current Injection (BCI)e.g.ISO 11452-4
Magnetic fields (automotive and industry)e.g.EN 61000-4-8 / ISO 11452-8 max. 1000 A/m
power fail, voltage variation, dipse.g.EN 61000-4-11 , -29 up to 1 x 16 A
Transient disturbancee.g.ISO 7637-2, ISO 7637-3